Monday, December 19, 2011

It's been a while...

Sorry it's been so long again between posts!! We have been pretty busy around here with everything. Nothing super exciting, just the normal day to day life of a family of 10!

School is going well. We're getting all the kinks worked out finally. Figured out where everyone needs help and working on those areas. Figuring out what curriculum works best for each subjects. I still like Landmark, but have found that it is NOT an independent, student led curriculum like I was led to believe. It is very much a teacher intensive curriculum. So right now we're using it still and have added in other things. Math we are using Saxon/DIVE for the 3 older and will be using Critical Thinking for the younger 2. We're also using Writing Strands, Spelling Power, All In One English and then we're also doing some Sign Language and Science videos. We have a very full schedule just with school! The kids are all still doing piano and are really excelling at it. The girls are loving their sewing and are almost finished with some nightgowns and matching ones for their dolls.

We've had lots of sickness still. I was hoping the move would get rid of alot of that, but I guess we're having the acclimating sicknesses along with all the sicknesses people are so good to bring to church and share with us. Zachary and Kathleen are still having recurring bouts of croup. The Dr thinks it's probably asthma caused by allergies causing it. But researching it, there are kids who are just prone to getting it frequently. I'm hoping they outgrow it either way. We're all sick right now with either colds, pink eye or a flu. I'm hoping we get over it fast because I do not want us to be sick on Christmas again this year! Plus Sunday is Emily's bday too! Not a day to be sick!

My pregnancy is going well. I passed my glucose test with flying colors! I am still anemic, but am taking the stuff for it and hoping it goes away soon! I am measuring a week and a half ahead of dates so the Dr ordered another U/S just to make sure everything is OK. I don't really like having lots of U/S's but I don't mind getting another peek and hopefully a good view to make sure it's still a girl ;)  I can't believe how fast the end of this year is going now! It felt like it was going slowly and then since Thanksgiving it's just speeding by. This baby will be here before we know it and I am totally unprepared. I have all the stuff I need, but I still need to order my birth kit and get everything out and wash it. I'm waiting til after Christmas though. OK....Actually I keep waiting hoping for the "nesting" period when I'll have lots of energy and desire to do that stuff! LOL!

This last month has been very stressful and exhausting because of it. Someone of my family had surgery, my dad and my 3 sisters were in a very bad roll-over car accident which resulted in my dad having surgery, we've had car troubles, my clothes dryer broke, my phone had issues that had to be resolved through customer service, lots of sickness and just other little annoying things. I am not having such a great attitude because of it. I am really hoping things calm down now and stay calm through the holidays and babies being born. I'd appreciate your prayers! :)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blessings, ♥T

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Elizabeth said...

Glad that you (and baby) are well.

I totally understand about the allergy-induced asthma. I have one who has it...has always had it. It is not fun.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas.

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