Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back to Life...

Yes, I'm still here :) Life...

We have had a very long year. Filled with trials, tribulation, and troubles. Most people have no clue what's going on, and I'll just keep it that way :) There are a select few who do and those who we know IRL who can probably guess some of it. Suffice it to say, it's not been pretty and it's been very hard on us all. I for one have been struggling with major depression because of it all. I do not understand it. Why? What did I ever do? What horrible sin must I have committed? Nothing...

It has affected me to the point where I just had nothing to blog about. I couldn't get on here and pretend everything in life was just great when I was so angry and frustrated. So I have remained silent. I'm not saying I'm back to normal, but I at least feel like I can (and want to) blog again. I'll be trying to stay away from subjects that are controversial, debatable, or "sensitive matter". I will be talking about what we've been doing in school, posting recipes that work for us, money saving tips, and just other "boring" stuff that's going on.

For now an update...

My oldest is now 14. Totally crazy being the mom of a 14 yr old. I cannot believe he will be in high school next school year.

We celebrated everyone's birthdays from October to March. Just have one in July, for now, as I will be having baby #10 at the end of July! :D It's another girl which brings the tally up to 3 boys, 7 girls. The boys aren't tremendously thrilled, but they're happy for another baby :) Everyone is looking forward to seeing her. She is nameless right now, but I'm hoping to settle on a name soon.

We spent most of the winter, from Thanksgiving til March, sick with everything from the flu to bronchitis to pinkeye to rotavirus to allergies. Just when we thought we were safe and done I've got 2 sick again. Hopefully it won't last long though. (I think Sarah is just teething as she's done this with every tooth that broke through)

It is now way past my bed time so I guess that'll wrap it up. Hopefully I'll put up another post in the next few days.

Blessings, ♥T

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Sarah in Ireland said...

So glad that you are blogging again; I have missed your posts!

I'm so sorry that you have been having issues/problems over the last while. Though I am glad that you have the Lord to lean on - what a wonderful Rock He is! :)

Welcome back!

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