Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm still alive!

Lest anyone think I've dropped off the face of the planet... I'm still here :)

We have been super busy and have had some family issues come up that had to be dealt with. But we are still alive and kicking!

Just a quick overview of what's been happening...

OK, well, so much for that thought, lol. I was gonna do a month by month of what has happened but I'm sitting here trying to remember what has happened and I can't! We have had birthdays, school testing and ending, more birthdays, chaos in our home, more birthdays, God fixed/is working on the chaos in our home, more birthdays... Yes, we have a lot of birthdays! With 11 people in our household and both of us coming from large families with our siblings having spouses and several children each we have LOTS of birthdays! I have 1 brother, 6 sisters, 7 brother in laws, 7 sister in laws, 12 nieces, and 10 nephews, in addition to my husband, 9 children, step daughter, and our parents! That makes a whole lot of birthdays all year long!

We haven't gone on any big trips or done anything "spectacular" but we're having a good summer and praying God continues to work in our family. We are probably going to start school after labor day. This year we are going to be using My Fathers World. I think it will work better for us to be able to do most of our school work together and just separate the older kids stuff. If we really like it (and I think we really will) I will be continuing with MFW for the kids 8th grade and younger. I'm not sure that I care for their high school program and I am looking into other stuff for that. (thinking about CLASS through Christian Liberty Academy for high school) But we will see. I still have a year to figure that out.

Sarah is getting so big. She's over 16 lbs now. She is not a very happy baby. She is quite a cranky baby actually. My worst yet. :( She is teething now too. I got her an amber necklace and that seems to help, but she is just not very happy. Hopefully she'll outgrow that soon.

Well, I've got a busy day tomorrow with church (we have to be there earlier than usual because my husband is going to be shuttling the bus kids to church as our normal bus drivers are gone or injured (one broke 3 of his vertebrae!) so he's subbing) Until I have more time... Hope your lives are blessed!

Blessings, ♥T


Vickie said...

You'll LOVE My Father's World. We've been using it for years. I don't know that I'll get their High School one either but just continue using the 5 year series even with the high school kids. I can up their assignments to be more indepth for them.

Crabby little one huh? Some foods can make a little one crabby/lethargic/whiney/happy. I'd be looking to give her more protein (if you are still nursing....then up your protein of course). I find that some kids need a higher protein diet then the others or there will be meltdowns and whiney-ness of all kinds.

God's Blessings

Elizabeth said...

It's been so good to "hear" from you. I know what you mean about the chaos. We've been dealing with similar issues here. It wears you down quickly, doesn't it?

I wish I had something to offer for Sarah. Josiah was like that for a time, but outgrew it around his 1st birthday. Now he's a regular monkey!!

Blessings to you and your family. :)

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