Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's October Already!

Wow, I can't believe it's October already! Time just flies! I am still in Cali, having a great time with family. Got more visiting planned for this weekend, lookin' forward to it! Have 2 birthdays and an anniversary at the end of this month. It's gonna be a busy month.

Which really brings up an interesting thought...Do you know the acronym for BUSY? It's B-eing, U-nder, S-atans', Y-oke... Not really something I want to be known for. And while some acronyms are silly this one is pretty realistic and true. It really seems these days that people are too busy doing "stuff", so that they have no time for people. What happened to the days when we could stop at a friends house unannounced and be welcomed? Now you HAVE to call ahead just to make sure they're there, because they are so busy doing that they may not have time to visit!

As a homeschooler I think this is a big problem for a lot of homeschool families. In order to expose their kids to things they think they might miss out, art, P.E., socials, etc... Parents put them in so much stuff that they are literally a taxi-mom and have no time to do school at home. Which means they are no longer HOMEschooling they are on-the-go-in-the-car-or-wherever-schooling. How can that be beneficial? I want my kids involved in some of those things, but it seems to me that people get so caught up being busy doing those things that they neglect other things more important. Such as, school, or the house, or cooking at home, or the kids, or their husbands. I don't want that for my family.

People really need to stop being so BUSY! Take time for family, church and people. I mean really, when was the last time you just stopped by a friends unannounced and had a good visit? Or when was the last time you spent the entire day at home just "being" with your family? When was the last time you actually did all the schoolwork you needed in a day (without leaving your house for some extra-curricular thing?) or finished all the curriculum for the year?

As a wife and mother how can you fulfill the scripture "Titus 2:5 To be discreet, chaste, keepers AT home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." if you're not at home?

I think we need to stop being so BUSY and stay home and do our job! Our husbands and children need that from us, and most importantly God need that from us!

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Bobbin Aubins said...

Been thinking about the same thing lately! How funny:0) I have seen already how just a little trip to the store throw off my day of HOMEschooling, and I don't get it all done.
It is true, we need to be at home! Especially to get a good days worth of homeschooling, not just a hurry-up-and-get-it-done day of work.

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