Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleep is very important!

Well, after talking to my mom til after 4 this morning and getting up around 8:30, I am officially exhausted. It's very obvious how important sleep is. I don't function well without it. I have been grouchy and mean all day : (  Yelled too many times, didn't get things done, feel horrible... I am hoping my diapers get done quickly so I can get to bed soon. I am so tired I can't even remember or think what it was I wanted to say!!!  But it's always amazing how God speaks about things...Even things you wouldn't think were actually in there! "Psalms 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep." I am really bad about sitting up late...It's something I am definitely working on and making some (small) headway on! This is also why I moved my son to another room for the night too...He will not stay asleep when I'm in the room! I sleep outside his door and listen and he never wakes up...I wake him up around 1-2am to feed him and he doesn't even fuss! But if he sleeps in the same room as me...He wants to eat every hour! I can't sleep while nursing a baby anymore, used to with my first few kiddos, but I guess I'm getting old, cause I can't do it anymore! : (  He's finally adjusting to the jet lag from the trip out and the time change and new surroundings and such, but now his top teeth are coming through so he's really been cranky! Pray they come through quickly so he can be happy again!

Today was really nice though too! My Sister in Law took my mom and I out to "Tea". Fun and relaxing! And the tea I had was actually good, and I tried the one my SIL had and liked it too! I normally HATE tea and coffee too. : ) Had a scone with butter and lemon curds too and it was awesome! I love lemon! And to visit with adults and not have little ones climbing all over you was nice too! I love my kids...don't get me wrong, but I do enjoy adult fellowship every once in a while. : ) The rest of this week is gonna be spent gettin' ready for my sisters baby shower and my nieces birthday party! So we'll be busy, busy! Can't wait to meet that little guy!

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Bobbin Aubins said...

haha, Just read this! Thought it was funny about the sleep thing, since I was giving you a hard time about it. The Bible is a better encouragement than my wise old saying "early to be early to rise makes one healthy wealthy and wise"! :0) Love ya, had a great visit!

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