Monday, September 20, 2010

In Cali

Wow! A lot has happened in the last week! Things worked out for sure. I was able to go to my Great Grandmas funeral. It was very difficult, yet it was wonderful to be with family! We know where she is so we had a good time celebrating her homecoming! I had quite a few happenings along the way though...

The first started with me waking up and realizing my alarm had been set ahead almost 30 mins by a little one! Making me way behind on getting to church on time! I was able to make it just on time.

The second happened after leaving my house Sunday afternoon. I was going to pick up my cousin Cristy at the Tulsa airport. I needed to be there at 6, so I left at 3 since it's a 3 hr drive. Just on the other side of OKC it started to pour and Zachary started to scream. When the storm finally let up and he stopped crying I noticed a sign saying "Wichita, I35". Now for those of you who don't know...I needed to be on I44 going east towards Tulsa, not on I35 headed north towards Wichita, KS. By the time I realized where I was and could turn around I was 30 miles past OKC. So I headed back the way I came from, back into the storm. I finally saw a sign that said I44 & Tulsa. So I turned on it. It was a small back highway. I panicked thinking it wasn't going to get me there. At this time I knew I was going to be late, so I prayed "God please help me to get there safely and on time!" Then I received a phone call. It was Cristy saying her plane was going to be at least an hour late. Well, all I can say is Praise the Lord!!! He most definitely worked that out!

The third was when I reached Tulsa. There was so much road construction and signs everywhere that it was very confusing. So I followed the signs that were taking me towards Joplin. I figured that would get me there. Unfortunately it was a turnpike that headed around the bottom of Tulsa and I needed to be at the top! I stopped at got directions (after being told by my grandpa that I was heading the wrong direction). I thankfully wasn't that far from where I needed to be. I arrived at the airport about 5 mins before Cristy!

Fourth, I picked her up and we headed up towards Missouri. We were talking and somehow I ended up taking another small back highway. I realized it when the road when down to a 2 lane road and I should have been on a 4 lane freeway! Thankfully Cristy had an Iphone with GPS capabilities. We found an alternative route there!

After over 6 hrs, we finally arrived at our destination! It normally wouldn't take more than 4 1/2 to 5 hrs. I have never been one to get lost so this was definitely a new experience for me! :) I am very acutely aware that the Lord had his hand on the whole thing. His protection and guidance were what got us there! I am so thankful that He's in charge and taking care of us!

We also had some happenings on our way from OK. to CA. (my mom and I and my girls and Zachary). Had several times where we only went 10 miles in over an hour (no that's NOT an exaggeration!) and then once we got into CA, we had numerous people cutting us off (dangerously so) and one person actually, literally tried to run us off the road! So thankful that the Lord protected us and we arrived safely!

I've spent the last 2 days trying to recover some rest from the emotional and physical trials of this last 2 weeks. We have school finished for the day, did our devotions, and now I have to figure out what to do about my drivers license! It expired back in June! I never look at it so I didn't realize. Hopefully it'll all work out easily though. God is good and I'm sure He'll make a way : )

Looking forward to visiting with all my CA family and friends! Have a baby shower for my precious new nephew that I can't wait to meet, on Friday. Gonna be fun! I'll update more when I have more : )

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Naturally Blessed Mama said...

So, so glad you guys made it there safely!!! Wow, you did have a time, didn't you! Thanks for the encouragement, when are you guys coming home, we've missed you all! Got to see your boys at church Sunday. Well, I'll talk to you soon, praying for you guys while you're away!

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