Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daily Happenings

Well, we had an ok day yesterday. Some were still recovering and today I think everyone's pretty good, just got some nagging coughs left. Had quite the day yesterday, in a way, though. I actually did get some stuff done. Which was nice. And we made some crayons! Fun stuff!

Did you know you could mess up making crayons from old broken ones? I did. Because this is me and it all just makes sense, because it's me :) Well on to the Fun stuff! Yesterday, I decided we would finally make the crayons I had promised the kids we would. From all the broken crayons around the house. They did all the hard work peeling them a week or so ago. So yesterday I chopped them up. The silly things kept rolling everywhere! Finally got done and got them in the container. Makenzie, Michelle, and Emily filled all the tins with them. Making them so pretty. It was too hot in the afternoon so I told them I would heat them in the evening. So after dinner, when I felt it was cool enough I turned on the oven. I decided to follow instructions from one site cause I thought they would be the easiest and not make it too hot in here. Simple right, turn on the oven to 190, put crayons in for bout 20 mins and Wala! crayons. But no, it's me doing it so...I decided to sit down to check out FB. My sister was on so I decided to chat with her. As I'm doing this I hear a very loud commotion next to me. The girls are all yelling and James wasn't  really thrilled. Kathleen (the little doll) had gotten into my lanolin and had it thickly covering her face and hands. side note: at least she wasn't EATING it like normal! So as this was going on the oven was ready and I was trying to clean her up and get the crayons in the oven. I get them in and think "Yay!" I left them for about 20 mins. When I checked them they were just looking wet but hadn't melted down enough I thought. So since another site had said to turn the oven to 350 preheat it and then turn it off and put the crayons in. I thought "Well, I'll just turn the oven to 350 let it preheat and then take them out. They should be done by then." Yeah, great idea. NOT! The crayons were already heated to 190 so they got really hot. Do you know what that means? I had crayons burning in my oven!!!! AAHHH! I had to get them out so I had toxic smelling gas smoke flowing into my kitchen. Yuck! And the crayons melted so much that the color sank. So the top is a slight translucent color and the bottom is the speckled pretty colors they were supposed to look like! :) Yep, Only I could mess up melting crayons! LOL... The kids love them and are making crafts with them. So they work fine. Next time I'm gonna just do the preheat to 350, and put them in for 9-11 mins. I think that will work the best!

On to other things..It seems to me that a lot of moms are struggling with the same things right now. After having some not so great days and starting to kinda feel sorry for myself. I started reading some blogs and WOW was I encouraged. Some by moms in the same boat as me (8-10 kids) some older with more kids, but all wanting to raise their family for the Lord and feeling like they were failing! And on one of the sites I found an old blog that really helped! The first is ladyofvirtue.blogspot.com/ her blog from yesterday and the other one was in her Family Life category titled "Help me, I'm drowning!" There are alot of good ones on that site. Very encouraging! And the others are smockityfrocks.com/ and raisingolives.com/ . I don't think it's a good idea to get so caught up in all the great blog readings that you don't do you job. (remember everything in moderation) but there are some good ones out there that are so encouraging. Most of the ones I am following are great. It's just another show of how good God is. When we're feeling down He will lift us up. :)

Funny things...James Michael says to me (after I told Jason I couldn't read through his arm) "if you can see out the back of your head, you can see thru someones arm". Nice huh? Well I gotta go get pens away from Kathleen and get started on school. Especially since James Michael already got it all out for us to do it :) Such a good boy!

P.S. Another great site to visit, although you'll have to look up verses since she uses another perversion of the bible... http://www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com


Naturally Blessed Mama said...

The crayon thing sounds like something I would do. lol. But I would put them in and just forget all about em. I think we'll definately be doing those for maybe some goody bags for Christmas. ttyl, sara

Twinkle Toes said...

I was thinking of looking for some cheap molds at thrift stores to make some cool shaped ones for gifts :)

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