Friday, September 3, 2010

Looking Unto Jesus...

Well, we have internet and phone again for at least the next month. Yay! I am really behind in everything...I really need to get over this whole "all or nothing" attitude. We are spending today catching up on laundry. Got alot of the girls clothes done, still got around 2-3 loads of theirs left though. I'm hoping to get all of the girls clothes done today and then some towels too. Tomorrow, blankets! I looked at the Flylady zones and decided that I would start with the zones Monday, today I'm going to work on the decluttering. Today is the purse and car. I actually did my purse a few days ago but I'm gonna do it again, just cause. And the car we mostly cleaned out Tuesday, so we just need to finish it now. So nice that I actually kinda have a start on both these. The car would have been so overwhelming!

I am trying to keep a positive attitude about things, and it's really difficult at times. I tend to start looking at surroundings and things just seem so overwhelming, depressing or irritating. So last night I had an epiphany! Really it came about because of the way God made me :) And all women! Our brains are like balls of wire, with no beginning or end. (Mens are like boxes on a shelf, but that's another story LOL) So, anyways, I was thinking about something (can't remember what) and then I started singing a song, and something in that song reminded me of the verse that talks about keeping our eye on the prize, then I thought "and we really need to keep our eyes on the cross", and the cross is really Jesus, so we need to keep our eyes on him, and then I thought that's what happened to Peter (ironic too cause I'm reading 1 Peter in my bible reading) He took his eyes off Jesus and SANK! That is what we do! Something amazing happens (Jesus walked on water), We get out of our comfort zone (out of the boat), Start doing something amazing ourselves (walking the way Jesus walks), and then we start looking at circumstances and panic (Peter took his eyes off the Lord and looked at the water), then we go under (life is miserable, depressed, overwhelmed, etc...), but you know, if Peter had kept his eyes on the Lord he wouldn't have sunk. He'd have walked all the way to Jesus (gotten to Heaven which is essentially eternity with God), and he would've done it the way Jesus did. We are so much like Peter though. We take our eyes off the Lord and what he's told us to do, and we start looking at our circumstances and BAM! we get discouraged, depressed, overwhelmed, etc... If only we would keep our eye on the prize, which is eternity with Jesus, and if only we would keep walking the way Jesus walked (in obedience to the Father). We would have an amazing life! We'd be walking on water! Keep your focus on the Lord, keep your eye on the prize, don't look around you at life, Keep doing what you know is right, even if you have to start small get started, and (from the sermon Wednesday) be CONSISTENT! Don't give up! (which just reminded me of the t-shirt they used to have with the bird eating the frog, with the frogs arms coming out it's mouth and strangling the bird! :) Which also reminded me of the acronym F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God! Don'tcha just love the way God made us! :D

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Twylia,

I stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and just wanted to say, "Hi."
I look forward to visiting again soon.

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