Thursday, August 26, 2010


 So, we officially have no internet...It'll be big gaps between posting, unless I can get to town! So, I had a great birthday! James took me to Mimi's Cafe, I LOVE their carrot bread! Then we went to the movies, and got some movies and went home...We stopped at some stores too. It was so nice! I know I'm not really cursed, but I usually don't have good birthdays, so it was nice to finally have a good one!

The kids and I are kinda hit and miss with school, but I try to do something everyday that is related to school...even if it's just playing a game that includes some math skills. Sometimes I have the little girls try to read words to me, or I ask the older kids some questions, or I talk to them about a subject that somehow came up in our day...i.e. science, history, general information.

I haven't been doing great at my house but I have been trying to at least keep it straightened up during the week...We are working on getting a daily schedule so that we can be more efficient at doing our chores.

I haven't been reading a chapter a day of my Bible, but I at least read 2-3 verses. It's really amazing how the Lord works. In ways you don't expect! I'm  not shocked but I am so grateful! Things have been so chaotic financially. It's really been stressing me big time! I talked to  my pastor's wife and she told me to just pray about it and don't make a decision until you have peace about it. I really didn't have peace about any of the options I had. The very next day I did something I thought would help. I wrote to my BIL. About 5 mins after I sent it my SIL got on FB and told me she had read it and that  my BIL had sensed something was wrong and had left 3 1/2 hrs before! He was already on his way! God had answered my prayers before I had done anything about it. It was like I was thinking I could do it. Get him to come and that would help. And God did it first so I would know it was Him not me that had done it! It was a great thing! Things got done. My hubby is finishing all the projects they started. In addition to that, we have been trying to sell things for a while and nothing was selling. After all my prayers things are finally starting to sell! And finances are being taken care of in other ways as well. It is evident that it is the Lord that is working! Everything only could have happened through Him! God is Good! I am so blessed that He is working in our lives!

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Naturally Blessed Mama said...

Wow, I am so excited for you! I knew the Lord wouldn't leave you wanting! He's always there for us, you just have to ask! I know it will be hard on you without internet, and me too...nobody to chat with in the evenings, but I'm just betting this is going to be a wonderful time of growth as you learn to continue to turn to the Lord! Hope we can talk soon!

Love yas,

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