Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kiddo Intro 4

Well, Next in the bunch is Makenzie/monster! She is 6! Wow, I can't believe that! She'll be 7 in 2 months, time flies! Makenzie was born after a whopping 4 day labor (yes you read that right 4 DAY) And besides the extremely long labor, she was in a breech presentation several times during my labor. Also, because of the length of my labor, the midwife wasn't sure I was close so didn't come and stay...Ended up, I finally got my mom to call and tell her "COME now!" She hopped in her car and headed out here (she lives an hr away) had to go the speed limit most of the way cause of an OHP following her. About 15 mins after she was called my water broke! James was in a panic and my mom was telling me "don't push, I don't know how far dilated you are." ??? I didn't push tho! LOL...45 mins later however, she was coming! No stopping it! As her head was coming out the midwife got there! My mom started to get out of her way but Michelle said to stay there! :) So Nana got to deliver little miss Makenzie! She was also my biggest baby! And had a knot in her cord from all her turning about!

She has always been very quiet and shy. She loves to cuddle. When she was little she would always come lay with me on the couch for her naps :) She wanted me and no one else! She also spit up the most. Even continued to spit up after starting solid foods. But she was still my biggest girl!

She is also known as "miss hysteria". She gets COMPLETELY hysterical about things...i.e...once she got some black fuzz between her toes and thought there was an ant on her, it sounded like she was being beat to death! Another time while in the car she started screaming, I thought maybe the straw had poked her in the throat when we went over a bump...No, she had 3 drops of her drink on her SEATBELT!!! Another time while she was potty training she accidentally peed while sitting in her booster seat for lunch...she started screaming, stood up and was so hysterical it made her chest hurt! (she grabbed her chest so I'm assuming it hurt) So anyhow...get the picture?! She gets hysterical! LOL, but we love her!

She loves babies and is constantly wanting to hold Zachary. She is actually the best with him so she holds him alot, and takes care of him. She liked to hold Kathleen too. 

She is finally starting to learn to read. She is definitely my slowest learner. She's very smart, but definitely slower than my others. She can't wait to read well though, and will be soon! She's doing great at it.

She (like the others) loves to hear stories about herself. Thinks it's funny that I called her monster and fatso. She had the biggest buns and thighs you've ever seen on a baby! Seriously! She was short so it really stuck out. People would always be like "don't say that, she's just perfect!" LOL...I never thought otherwise! I wasn't saying it to be mean! I tend to call my kids names...dork, nerd, goofball, retard, weirdo...but I'm not saying it in a mean way!!!! I promise...I know you might not believe me or think it is mean but for me it's not!

Anyways, I love my Kenzie Emma Girl! She's a sweetheart!

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