Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kiddo Intro 6-7-8

Well, I love my kiddos to death, but don't have a lot to say about them. I can think of lots of things when I don't have to, but when it comes time to write it...So, anyways, I'll introduce my last 3 in one post :)

First is number 6. Emily Noel/Punkin' Pie. I did not ever want to have a baby on Christmas. So when I found out I was pregnant with her and due on Dec. 20th. I just knew I was gonna have her on the 25th! Sure, enough, I went into labor at Midnight, right after I finished putting out all the christmas presents. She was born at 10:53pm, after 20hrs of labor. Her cord was so long it was wrapped around her neck two and half times and around bother her shoulders. It was also inhibiting the midwife from getting her heartbeat while I was in labor. The midwife and my mom were both concerned but she was getting the cord pulse so she was still alive. When I went to push her out, it was the most awful pain I've ever felt! I was pushing and the cord was pulling her back. She came out and was perfectly fine. :) I knew even while pregnant that she had a temper. She would get mad if I pushed on my belly a way she didn't like. When she was 6 mos old, she would get mad and throw her toys and throw her body on the floor and scream!!!! AHH, how do I deal with her? As a toddler, she got mad one time when she went to sit on a potty chair and missed. She turned around and picked up the seat and threw it! It was funny but not good! Thankfully at 3 she's calmed down a bit! She is a sweetheart most of the time. She is always asking to hold Zachary. She hates taking naps. She refers to herself in the third person, which is very cute :) She loves doing school too.

Next is Kathleen Rose. Kind of an Irish name for a girl who also has an Irish temper! LOL, They get it from their dad, he's mostly Irish. Her nickname is Stinkbug. She's very ornery! Blond hair and brown eyes. She was born after just over 48 hrs of labor. Her cord had the same complication as Michelle's, but her cord was very short. She is quite the little terror :) Love her bunches! She is learning to talk more and more. When she gets up from her naps she always tells me "I Happy!" Very loudly with a big smile! (it's a requirement for staying up to be happy!) She thinks shes a big girl. She is allergic to lots of different foods and I have the hardest time with her not getting diaper rashes. She is in disposables right now to keep her from getting them.

Last but not least is Zachary Glen. His nickname is Chunky Monkey. Because he's chunky and because when he spits up it's chunky! LOL! The kids think it's so gross, and the other day he puked all over Emily's face! Hysterical! She laughed too, so it's ok to laugh : ) Anyhow, he's 7mos old now, and growin' like a weed! Usually happy, but a bit spoiled since his sisters won't stop holding him. His middle name is my Great Grandpas name. He (my GGpa) died a week after Makenzie was born. I'm so glad we finally had a boy so we could use his name! We've been planning on it since then and that was almost 7 years ago. My Zachary is sitting up on his own really well now, he can turn over pretty good too. He has a bit of trouble because of his arms. I think he will be crawling soon. Don't know exactly what's wrong with his arms, but he's always seemed to pull them back instead of reach out in front of him. We take him to the chiropractor when we can and that seems to help. He's a precious little boy and I love him bunches!

Well, that concludes the intros for now...At least until number 9 makes an appearance : )

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