Monday, August 9, 2010

Kiddo Intro 1

Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning...My oldest,James Michael/Goober, is 11. He came out, after a 12.5 hr labor, blond haired and blue eyed! He has always been so sweet, obedient, and kind. He has been talking since he was 10 mos old! Smart as a whip!

He has always been very smart and done very well in school. He is my right hand man! If I need something done, he is who I turn to. He is always quick to do it, and rarely complains. I don't know how I would do anything without him :)

He is recently, really into spiders! (Yuck!!!) Boys are so gross! He loves catching them and watching how they do things and how they work. He also likes catching snakes, frogs, lizards, bugs, grasshoppers, and anything else that creeps and crawls. 

He is also recently getting very physically active. He hasn't been so much. He can now do 50 push-ups in 2 mins. He can do 98 sit ups in 2 mins. His bicep grew a half an inch in just this last week from all his "working out". I think it's great! Love that he is trying to be healthy and in shape!

He loves and adores his father. Loves to play games with him. They are very into "acquire" right now. As well as our rousing, nightly game of Uno. I am not much for thinking games :) 

He is a very good older brother. Loves his brothers and sisters. Tries his best to care for them. (sometimes to boss them :) But he does such a great job! I am so proud to have him as a son! God as truly blessed us giving him to us!  

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