Monday, August 9, 2010

What we're doing!

Well, today wasn't such a good day :( I think the steroids are definitely helping and I felt so good yesterday that I over did it. Today I could barely get off the couch. And I had such plans for the day too. Didn't even do school! Oh well, guess we always have tomorrow! LOL! 

We are going with Konos for school this semester. We'll see how it goes before we get more. Right now we are just focusing on Reading! We haven't done anything with the Konos except look at it! (we all like the way it looks and are excited to start) I really want to make sure they all know how to read really well before we get started. I think we'll just keep it this way for the rest of August and get started with the rest in September.
We are starting with a devotion time. We read a verse and discuss it. We sing songs. (whoever's day it it gets to pick the songs) We do our ABC verse cards and we pray. The kids really like the way we have "theme" prayer days. Today was Family, then each day is different...Friends, Church Needs, Missionaries, USA, and a Country. They like picking out of the theme to see what they will pray for. And it seems that they are really trying to pray harder that way too! Not just a generic thanks for the day and help us to be good type of a prayer! I am so glad. I have such a hard time with praying out loud and it is helping me too! Having something specific to pray for and knowing they're listening to me and learning how to pray from me!

After devotions we do reading. The girls do a learning to read book with me and James Michael and Jason do an in-depth Phonics book while we're doing that. Then the 2 younger girls do their writing books and the older three have a read out loud time. It's really helping them improve their reading skills as well as their public speaking and expressive reading skills. We do 1 chapter all week and not only do they learn a moral/character lesson from it, they are comprehending it. At the end of the week we have a voting session (everyone listens to them read) and they either pass or work on it again and add another chapter. 

Then we do a book called "The Fallacy Detective". It is helping them learn to think logically and to reason through situations. They are really enjoying it. As am I! It's fun and challenging and really makes them listen and think so they get the correct answers!

All in all I think it's going well! Just as soon as we're all feeling better I think it will go even better!

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