Thursday, August 12, 2010

To-do List

So my friend and I decided to get started on some things! We are trying our best to be a good christian wives and mothers. To be " keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." As a wives whose husbands aren't always in the right place, and as a mothers of lots of little ones, it's not easy to do. So we decided to be encouragement and accountability partners! I am definitely in need of encouragement and accountability! So I made a little check list and put it on my board last night...

The first area is to make sure I am doing my personal daily devotions. So easy to put on the back burner. I just don't have time ya know! Of course then I have a hard time with everything and nothing seems to go right and I wonder why! So I did my own Bible reading today...I'm starting in James. Read chapter 1. Had lots of good verses speak to me! 

The second area is just encouragement in doing school with my kiddos. Homeschooling is not always easy. Picking curriculum, doing it everyday and making sure our kids are actually learning, can be a lot to deal with! As I said before, we are really just concentrating on reading right now. We did most of our stuff today. Except for the stuff that I couldn't do cause the little ones were down for a nap :) We also added penmanship to our work. I'm reading them a proverbs a day for our devotions. While I'm reading I pick out a verse or two for each of the older 3 to write out. Simple, yet effective. I try to pick them according to what I think is relevant to the person.

The third area, and it's a biggie, is my house! It can get very messy around here! It is really hard to care for your family and even do normal daily things when your house is in total chaos!So, Last night was shine your sink so I did that!!! Here is a picture....
Looks pretty good, Even though it's made of some weird type of granite that wasn't supposed to stain but did big time! At least it's clean! Yay!!! For today I was supposed to lay out my clothes and get dressed (including makeup) in the morning...Well, I'm happy to tell ya that I DID! Yes, I laid out my clothes last night, I put them on this morning and I put on my makeup! It's amazing how such a little thing can make you feel like you've accomplished so much! 

So the fourth area is...Weight Loss! A never ending thing I know...But I am so tired of being exhausted and feeling like I can't even move because of all the extra weight I'm carrying around. I so want to be healthy for my family and for my God. I want to look good for my husband as well! So I am going to be keeping food journals...I probably won't put mine on here but I will be setting up a blog for my weight loss journey and I'll be putting some of it on there!

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

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Naturally Blessed Mama said...

I am so proud of you!!! You did more than me, I didn't even attempt to get any make up on or brush my hair. We can do this!!!

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