Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kiddo Intro 2

My second son is,Jason/Turkey! What's with the weird names you ask? Well,  My kiddos have this thing about the nicknames I gave them as babies...This one was ornery! Hence the nickname Turkey! Lol!

Had another easy 12 hr labor and a hefty 8 lb baby boy. He was nothing like his brother...Besides the fact that he was over a pound larger, he had dark hair and darker eyes and darker skin. He was a very good baby, except for the colic. He had it bad. Screamed every night for hours! Started about 12 ended anywhere from 3-5am. Was so miserable! Colic tablets from Hylands was what finally helped. But until then, I sat in my "walking" chair and sang to him. Would put the chair on one side of the room and rock til I had "walked" across the whole living room and then I would pull it back across the room and start all over again! I am so thankful that none of my other babies had it as bad as he did!

He is very smart also. Hates to work though. He will be told to do a job and then when you look away, he disappears! Pesty kid :) He is very athletic. Would probably be great at any sport we could put him in. Is also very musically inclined. (Probably something to do with the classical music I played for his naps when he was a baby!) If only he would try! But that's ok, we're gonna push and make him do it anyways! 

He has always loved his brother alot! He used to grab him from behind and pull him down on top of himself. James Michael would scream and flail about and Jason would LAUGH! Thought it was hysterical! He likes to remind me of the time when we had gotten home from town and I had just bought a nice BIG Route 44 cherry Dr. Pepper! I set it on the counter to run to the bathroom and as I was coming back out I hear a sound like water pouring on carpet...Yep, you guessed it! He had my cup, had punched a hole through the bottom of it and was sucking as hard/fast as he could to drink as much as possible before it all poured out! And he really panicked when he saw me coming to take it from  him! LOL..I was not too happy about it at the time, it's very funny now though!

He is also my very literal kid! What does that mean? If you say something to him, he will take it very literally! I once asked him what soap he had used in the shower and he told me "the blue and white one for his head and shoulders and..." I laughed so hard I cried! He makes me laugh all the time with silly things like this! 

I love him so much and thank God for him! I hope we can train him to be a man of God who will serve God with his whole heart and life!

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