Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kiddo Intro 3

Well, I want to introduce ALL of my kiddos. Since today is Wed. that means it's Madison/Mes's day! :) (each kiddo has their own day, they get all the extras for the day so we don't have to worry about who to give them to, and so each one gets a special me day!)

Mes turned 8 in February. She is my 3rd child and the oldest girl! She was my first home birth! Her labor was 48 hrs long! She loves to read! So wants to be grown up. Tries to help with everything, but still is wanting to be a little girl at times. She loves to cuddle. 

Mes is very smart, beautiful, and whiny! :) Has been since she was born. She is a drama queen! I have come to find that while girls are all dramatic...they are dramatic in different ways! She is a DRAMA queen! She is like an actress overplaying her part all day long! I often find her talking to herself in the mirror. Or I will walk by whatever room she is in and overhear some very interesting conversations!

She loves to sing. She has a very good voice too, (if I do say so myself :) And a very good memory...If she hears a song, she will remember it and sing it later. Good and bad...i.e. if she hears a song on the radio, she will remember it! It's amazing to me though that not only does she remember the words, it sounds just like it does on the radio!

She loves to go to church. She wants to be a farmers wife when she grows up, and a mom to alot of kiddos! 

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