Monday, August 16, 2010

Michelle's Birth Story

First off none of my children were accidents :) but she was a surprise! I don't know why but I really didn't think I was pregnant! Normally I pretty much know right away. I'm always a little paranoid for the first 12 weeks. Never had a miscarriage, but came close with Makenzie so I always worry til I get past 12wks. Then I usually am perfectly fine! No worries at all! With Michelle my worry didn't go away, it got worse! I was really afraid she was going to die. I was in a car accident when I was 6 mos along. That was really scary! It wasn't a really bad accident but I was already worried and then I started having contractions. They stopped the next day and everything "seemed" fine. I continued to have this overwhelming feeling that she was going to die though. Everytime I got that feeling (which was quite often) I would just pray (Lord, please keep your hand on her, protect her, keep her safe!). I ended up going 2 weeks late with her. My midwife (whose name is Michelle :) tried to naturally induce me on the 7th. It didn't work. She sent me home & told me that if I didn't have her by the next day I'd have to go to the hospital on the 9th. I really didn't want that. I also had an ultra sound a few days before to make sure everything was ok. The U/S showed everything was fine. But still I would get that feeling! It was so overwhelming that I would just cry and cry and pray! I went into labor around 4pm on the 8th. My contractions were hard but not too painful. Even as they got close they were "easy". I was actually falling asleep between them. No drugs were doing that, it was God. When the midwife said I was complete she broke my water and said I could push, I did. After 1-2 pushes she said "her heads out, stop pushing" I actually did NOT feel her head come out. I was still pushing thinking I needed to push hard to get her to come down! I pushed her shoulders out and the midwife handed her to me. She was beautiful! I was so enraptured and absorbed in her...then the midwife said "Twylia, you're bleeding PUSH." Apparently blood was shooting out of me! It wasn't easy cause my body wasn't ready for that phase yet. But I did. As soon as the placenta came out the midwife sat back and said "The Lord has had his hand on you!" The exact thing I had prayed for nine months! Apparently her cord had implanted into the side of the placenta. It had a velamentous insertion ( which means the veins/arteries running through the placenta weren't inside of it, they were exposed. And about an inch and a half of the whartons jelly was gone from her cord where it meets the placenta. At any time in the pregnancy if she'd have moved wrong she could have ripped the cord and bled to death. If the labor had been hard or my water broken before she was about to come out, it could have ripped the cord and she would have bled and possibly died or had serious complications due to lack of oxygen. If...But no if's! God took care of it all! I had the shortest(6hrs), easiest labor & delivery! Even through the car accident He protected her! I looked it up afterwards and the mortality rate is like 95%! She had a 5% chance of survival, and the injury rate was like 99.9%. She has absolutely nothing!!! She is perfectly normal in every way, even advanced in some ways! (she can memorize so quickly it's amazing! she memorized the 23rd Ps. in less than a week @ 4 yrs old!) God is GOOD!

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