Friday, August 13, 2010

Kiddo Intro 5

Well, today is Michelle/ShellyWellyBoo! She is 5 and probably the smartest kid I've got. She can memorize and remember things unbelievably well! And very fast! She is my miracle baby. I will post or link to her birth story sometime. Her labor was only 6 hrs, and the easiest of all 8 of my kiddos! She is named after me, but her name is the same as the midwifes too :)

She is such a giggle box! Always happy and laughing. Well not always, she does have occasional bad attitudes. She is 16 mos younger than Makenzie and they're very close. Always play together and get along the best of all my kids. Michelle acts like she's the oldest though. She just takes over and Makenzie lets her. It's kinda funny but I think Makenzie prefers it that way. Both of them are doing tutoring right now and they're both starting to read small words! It's great!

Michelle likes to hold babies too, but likes to play with everyone else more! She really can't wait to read! And I think she'll be reading really well very quickly!

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