Monday, January 17, 2011

Working Together

My nephew is not better, but he's not worse. He isn't eating though. So please continue to pray. Pray that he'll eat (he's breastfed exclusively), that his mama will get rest, that his sisters will get better (they're getting sick now too), and that he will be healed quickly with no lasting damage!

I have recently been switching around chores. Trying to get all the kids doing something and spreading things out so one person doesn't have "more" than anyone else. So I now have Madison rinsing dishes, Makenzie washing, Michelle and Emily drying and putting away. Kathleen "helps" :) It's such a joy to see them doing their jobs happily! They have all said how much they like doing their jobs. They do the dishes, and put them away after every meal, WITHOUT being told. They all seem to be working together and getting it done. Although I'm not sure who's really doing what, but I say that if the job is done with happiness, working together, and is done right, who cares who's doing it?! :D  I just am happy that it's done. They have also been singing while they work which is sweet. They do sound very good when they sing together! (Yes, I'm partial, and biased!) It just so funny to me, because here I've been trying to get them to learn to get along and be nice to each other. All the while bemoaning the fact that I have no dishwasher, and what do ya know?! That's what brings them together! Funny how the Lord uses things huh?!

Well I better get off here. I've been on way too much today. That's what happens when hubby's not here keeping me off! LOL :D


Unknown said...

I love hearing about your children doing the dishes so cheerfully. I must admit my children also do the dishes for each meal (no dishwasher here either), however mine do have to be reminded and don't always accomplish it cheerfully. Maybe I oughta work on that.

Twinkle Toes said...

:) I really didn't do anything special to get them to do it. I think it was mainly that I was telling them thank you and that they were doing a good job, that made the difference. And boy do they make a mess! But happy unified workers that are soaking wet are better than dry unhappy mean workers, right!? LOL

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