Sunday, January 30, 2011


I haven't been on here much lately. We only have a laptop and my hubby has been taking it to work with him. It's good in a way, I am not tempted to be online all day. But it's hard to not be able to look things up when I think about it too!

We have been pretty busy here. Cleaning and organizing still. Doing school. Living life.

I am back to cloth diapers full time, except for night. I'm scared to leave them all night and deal with ammonia burns again. I have some sherpa that I'm going to use to make some diapers so hopefully that will work for overnight. I have been doing good at hanging them out to dry too. :)

I have successfully been making kefir for my hubby. I have yet to try the stuff as it smells funny and I didn't like the taste I did get of it. I'll try it sometime when I get brave enough! My second yogurt attempt was a flop. I'm pretty sure it was the temperature, so the next one I'll be more careful about watching it and getting it right! I am going to soak some oats tonight for oatmeal. I am finding lots of info regarding soaking grains and think it may really help with some of Kathleen's food allergies and with some others stomach issues upon eating certain grains. I have yet to make bread, which was my goal this week, but I have been making biscuits from scratch! We all love them, but I'm going to have to double the recipe as it just isn't enough! I don't know for sure what's going on with my kids but they're all "starving" all the time now! The amounts of food I used to make is not enough now. I know my boys are getting bigger so that's part of it, but even the girls are always hungry. I think Emily is going to have a growth spurt because she is literally hungry ALL day long. But they are all asking for more after every meal! We are all still healthy (PTL!!!) and we're all still doing the cleanse and taking our daily vitamins. So maybe that's it?

I have finally started doing 2 of the studies I wanted to do. Proverbs 31 study and Created to be His Help Meet study. They are both very convicting and together are VERY convicting. I'm really trying and don't want to get frustrated and quit or fail, but I'm really feeling the stress from it! Please pray for me. I know it won't be easy and the adversary will do everything in his power to try to keep me from succeeding but I really want to have victory in these and several other areas!

Well, it's late and I'm needing some sleep...

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Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain that you're having with Emily. My oldest, John, about to turn 8, eats nonstop! He'll 4 hearty buckwheat/whole wheat pancakes (I can only eat 2) and he'll ask for a snack within an hour!

I was blessed in that my grandmother taught me to make biscuits when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, it seems that I have to use at least (going from memory) 3-4 cups of flour to make enough.

What your learning to help Kathleen is very interesting. I'd love for you to share with us.

Have a blessed week!

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