Friday, February 11, 2011

Working on...

Well, hello there! It feels like it's been forever! We've been snow bound for the last 2 weeks. Not too enjoyable. It's supposed to clear up this weekend and get really warm though so that will be nice!

My nephew is in need of prayer again. A double ear infection, RSV and sounds like pneumonia. :( They think he has asthma. Pray for him and his mommy!

An update on our grain soaking. Kathleen is apparently allergic to oats. It doesn't matter if they're soaked or not. She did seem ok the first day, but the second time I was giving her benadryl (which I don't like doing) because she was really reacting. I am starting to think she's allergic to strawberries too, along with a myriad of other things! The kids all like the oats this way though. And it makes it super easy in the morning! Just add a little water, bring to boil and VoilĂ  you're done! We've been experimenting with toppings too. But anyways...I have noticed that the oats do not bother me like they normally do, when they're soaked. So that's a good thing.

We finished our cleanse and are now doing a de-worming. Our family hasn't been sick since the flu we had in Dec. We went to a KOF meeting and a person there had brought her kids with strep, bronchitis, and ear infections. Lovely huh?! We only had a few kiddos start feeling yucky and upped the Vit C. Thankfully, no one got really sick and we're all fine now. Unfortunately it has made it to where we have decided to not go to church for a while. (We had also found out that another person in the church had kids with bronchitis, and pneumonia) We have decided that we are going to be keeping the kids out of some of the kids programs. (or should I say all?!) When we go back that is! We have found that they aren't learning enough to make it "worth" their being there. The influences are the same influences we are keeping them out of public school and the world for, so why do we feel it's ok in SS or kids church? My kids are too young, immature, and impressionable to be the "salt & light" to the kids in there. My personal opinion is, it's not their place anyways, it's the teachers. So, sadly, we may be looking for a more "family friendly" church. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future! :)

We're not doing much around here that's "exciting". Just keeping up with school and housework. Never ending jobs, ya know?! I have been reading some more good books and been really convicted about my words and actions. The kids are such mirrors. Everything I do is coming right back at me through them. We are initiating some changes and there's always tumult with change. We're in the midst of figuring it all out so it'll be a while before things settle into "normal". But at least we're headed in the right direction.

Proverbs 29:17 Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

This is what I need. I spend too much time frustrated with my kids. All for lack of consistency. So this is what we'll be working on this week. I'm going to get my chart out and have the kids help me come up with appropriate consequences, and then we're going to really work on sticking to them! We're also working on doing our chores/routines right, the first time! I'm potty training Kathleen. I am going to reinstate "blanket time" and really work on it for the little ones. (my older ones like blanket time :) And I'm going to start "church training". I have quite a few preaching videos, and I'm going to have the kids watch them. We are going to pretend we're at church during them. I think we'll set up chairs to be pews and really work on them sitting still and being quiet, while paying attention. Plus I can pause it and not miss it myself, while taking care of any naughtiness that comes up.

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