Monday, March 28, 2011

ACE Review

Since I'm apparently being "harassed" into another review ;) (I've been sick, sorry!)

My review on ACE isn't very long. My kids used it for 1 semester while in a private christian school. Mainly it was my oldest, as the other two were mostly just doing the learning to read program. My son was able to go through a PACE a day in each subject. So every other day he was starting and/or finishing the next one. While he got an award for going through so many PACE's, I'm not sure it was so great. I personally wasn't too impressed with the content in ACE. Just didn't feel like it was very thorough. The worst thing I thought about it actually occurred after they stopped doing it. My oldest son is very smart. He has a GREAT memory. When we started school the next year after summer break, we started using ABEKA again. He had NEVER had trouble with it before. We spent the first week doing school like normal only to have him FAIL his test! He has never in his life failed a test. Never even gotten under a 90% for the most part. Now here he was failing??? So the next month we had to work on memory retention. Why? Because in doing the PACE's the way they did, he only memorized for 1 day or at most 2 to take the test and then moved on to other things. He COULD NOT remember anything! It was awful. It took months really to get him back to a normal memorization ability.

While I'm sure some people like them for their ease of use, I prefer something that has more "meat" and is meant for building on and learning/retaining the information they're studying!


Naturally Blessed Mama said...

That's crazy how they let him move through those so fast without making sure he was retaining information :o/

Twinkle Toes said...

Well, they really couldn't know he wasn't since they weren't about retaining, they were about the test. He was making all A's on his tests. So it appeared he was learning, but in actuality he was training his mind to learn for the test. Not a good thing!

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