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Guest Post By Faithful Mama

This is for all those who DIDN'T click on the link in my last post :D

Man is the Head of the Woman??? Yep!

"But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God."--1 Corinthians 11:3

"For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man."--1 Corinthians 11:8-9

Hubby and I have recently been doing yet another study on 1 Corinthians, chapter 11. We have been doing this study with the kids, and trying to help them truly recognize the order in which we are called to serve under God. :) I always love doing these studies with the kids, and then seeing their little eyes shine when they truly understand. I also love that we can give them funny scenarios and watch them laugh when they realize how *out of order* something seems in contrast to the Bible! :D It is just fascinating to watch the Lord work in our home in this way, and I am so thankful for his mercy, love, and ability to guide and teach us in the way we should go!

I was talking with the girls yesterday about ways that we can serve our husbands and earthly fathers in our home, and we talked about many things that we can do to make the days *easier* for dad. I must tell you that I was quite happy when he left for work this morning because I was actually given the opportunity to put some of those things into practice to show the girls! :) Let me explain...

Most of you know that we get up at around 4:30-5AM each day. We have many chores that must be done before hubby leaves at 7, and we also like to get a character study in at our breakfast with dad. can imagine my husband's shock and dismay that the alarm wasn't set, and we got up at 6:20AM today!!!! lol! We both gave a groan and then got busy...

I have to stop here and tell you that our day is usually very, very structured so opportunities for me to grow in the area of serving my husband calmly and in the right way are few and far between as we are usually on track, and don't have any disruptions. Today, however, I had the chance to really show the girls how to serve dad and their husbands one day. Praise the Lord for guiding me through this, and helping me be a servant to my husband. I think that I may have FINALLY gotten it!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! (ladies, please do not think I'm being prideful here....I am just so happy and thankful that something is finally sinking into my thick skull that I have been praying about for so long! The Lord is truly answering my prayers!!!!! He is truly doing a miraculous work in my life, and I give Him ALL the thanks and glory!!!)

So first husband has to take out the dogs and let out the chickens. He has to make sure they have water and feed, and take out the scrap bowls. He also has to load the trash into the van to take to the dump each day, and just chores outside in general. He usually does that in his comfy clothes that he lounges in(sweats and that kind of thing...just comfy clothes).

So, first I asked him if I could get out his clothes for the day so he wouldn't have to do that. He was so thankful, and I was happy to be able to help in that small way. Next, I got everything ready for him to take to work. He had to ship a package, drop off some other things, and had some errands to do. I got all of that ready and in a bag for him to carry with him. All he had to do was grab the bag and shoot right out the door.

Next, I made breakfast. I made a quick, easy breakfast of oatmeal because he can just scarf it down quickly and head out. I made his lunch, and made sure there was nothing else he needed. My sweet man was so happy and thankful! He didn't have to go to work hungry, he didn't forget something because he was too rushed, he will have a hot lunch that he didn't have to waste his hard earned money on, and he was able to dress and get ready quick enough to enjoy a meal with us and even spend just a couple of minutes to pray and chat with the kids this AM! :)

I LOVE THIS!! I LOVE that the Lord is guiding me in being a good helper to my husband!!! My husband truly deserves this after living with me all these years....1/2 of them in which I was not even TRYING to be a good helper! :) I LOVE that my girls can see what wives can do to be a *help meet* to their husbands.....especially on those wild days that are the hardest to get it all together!

Ladies, I know some of you who think that you are *deserving* of a break from your husbands. I have to tell you that this is just not biblical truth. You are created to be the helper. You were made to be the help meet.....not the boss. Your husband was not made to serve you. You are to serve EVERY way(yes, I mean EVERY way!!!!!!). As soon as some of you will realize this, and begin to pray to the Lord to change your heart...I think that some of you would find that a marriage that you think is good would become a marriage that you think is FABULOUS!!

I want to say that the Lord has shown me this: When I FINALLY stepped back under the tier of protection that is described in the scripture at the beginning of this post, and I FINALLY let go of the ideas that the modern world has put into my mind of the role women play in the home(which are all lies, by the way), my life has made a 180 degree turn. I also think that *protection* is a key word here. When I reside under the head of my husband.......he is able to protect me! It has truly been a blessing to feel loved, protected, and perfectly safe in the arms of my husband and my Lord. I pray that those of you who struggle in this area can figure this out, and let the Lord work a change in you as well. It has certainly been one of the biggest blessings in my life! :)


Unknown said...

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Wasatch Wife said...

HI! :) Thanks! Praying for you!!! --S

Sarah said...

Well done on serving your husband on such a busy morning! It can be hard at times I know...but with just a little extra thought we can make them the happiest husbands going off to work!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is your husband protecting you from?

Wasatch Wife said...

My husband protects me from everything! He is the sole provider for our family. He always has to make sure that we have enough money, the bills are paid, and that we have a nice home to live in. He makes sure that I have all the wonderful support that I need emotionally, and that I never want for anything that is in his control. He makes sure that our children hear about our Savior each and every day of their lives. He helps me make hard decisions, he is my partner in all aspects of our life, and he makes sure that I am cared for in every way. A man's duty is to protect his entire family from harm, and to make sure their needs are met. The Lord created man first, and he is to be the protection for his family that comes under him in the tier mentioned in 1 Corinthians chapter 11.The feminist movement of the 60s has made many women question the authority of their husbands, and if you aren't a Christian then this entire post and statement will be of no meaning to you. If you are a Christian, however, and are not aware that a husband should be a protector, then I suggest you get to reading! :) You can find many examples in the Bible where men are to protect their wives and families, brothers are to protect their sisters, and fathers are to protect their daughters! :)

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