Monday, March 7, 2011

Farm Life :)

That's the life we're living now :) Well, a mini farm really! We now have 6 donkeys, 12 goats (2 of which were born last week!), 10 rabbits, 9 bunnies born 2 days ago, 2 pigs, 11 chickens, and we're looking into getting a milk cow. I should mention that with the exception of the pigs, most all the animals are dwarf or mini's of their breeds, hence the "mini" farm! We are looking at getting a miniature milk cow also. The kids are loving the animals! It's so cool to see babies being born and watch them grow! The baby goats are so fun to watch play! The skip and jump all over the place :D

We've been spending a lot of time getting pens set up and getting our yards cleaned up. We're also working on getting our house cleaned out and organized. I want to get it all done before we get our school curriculum. Which should be here this week sometime. We have decided to go with Landmark Baptist curriculum. I'm really looking forward to it! The kids are sorta excited, sorta not! :)

I'll leave with some pictures...

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Naturally Blessed Mama said...

Those baby goats are the cutest things!! My kids so wanted to bring one home with us when we left the other day! lol

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