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Birth CONTROL part 3 the History

:D This will be the last birth control post, but I thought this history was interesting...

The birth control movement began during the women's rights movement in the United States during the 1910s. Leaders of the movement advocated women's rights to control reproduction and lobbied for public education and distribution of contraception, despite stringent anti-obscenity laws. It took more than 50 years until women could obtain contraception legally.

    Post-Suffrage Movement

  1. After the suffrage movement resulted in women gaining the right to vote in 1920, the women's rights movement began focusing on obtaining additional equal rights for women. According to the National Women's History Project, the birth control movement began as a way for women to gain freedom over their bodies, sexuality and lifestyle choices. The movement not only focused on public education about birth control methods, it also intended to prove that modern women could choose to live fulfilled lives without becoming mothers.
  2. Comstock Law

  3. According to the National Women's History Museum, the birth control movement was held up by an anti-obscenity law, the Comstock Law. Drafted by politician Anthony Comstock in 1873 as a way to curtail premarital sex and lewdness, the law legally banned contraception and deemed informational pamphlets on birth control as the distribution of obscene materials. During the 1910s, advocates of the birth control movement wrote articles and gave out information on contraception and were continually tried and convicted under the Comstock Law.
  4. Founder

  5. According to the National Women's History Museum, New York nurse Margaret Sanger is considered the leader of the birth control movement. Sanger published articles and pamphlets on birth control in the 1910s and opened a birth control clinic in 1916. It was open only nine days before Sanger was jailed for 30 days for distributing contraception. She founded the American Birth Control League in 1922, and the organization opened the first legal birth control clinic in 1923. It was allowed to distribute condoms and diaphragms only to married couples.
  6. Eugenics

  7. According to PBS's series "The American Experience," the birth control movement joined with the eugenics movement in the 1920s and 30s to gain support for the cause. The eugenics movement in America focused on selective breeding to maintain a perfect society and wanted to limit "unfit" classes, such as minorities and the handicapped, from procreating. Margaret Sanger publicly endorsed the use of birth control for eugenics, though she may have done so only to gain public acceptance of the birth control movement.
  8. Supreme Court

  9. Though the birth control movement began in the 1910s, the Supreme Court didn't make the distribution of contraception information legal until 1936, reports the National Women's History Project. In the United States v. One Package to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, doctors were given the right to inform patients about contraception. Although the first birth control pill was developed in 1960, it wasn't until the 1965 case, Griswold v. Connecticut, that the Supreme Court ruled that the right to use contraception was a constitutional freedom.

Here is the history of the birth control pill:  The birth control pill was developed and tested in the 1950s by a team of U.S.-based scientists, whose work was funded by the women's rights advocate Katharine Dexter McCormick (1875-1967). The first human trials were conducted in 1956 in Puerto Rico, and resulted in approval of the pill by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1960. The freedom the pill provided to women by allowing them to control when and how often they became pregnant greatly influenced the women's rights movement of the 1960s. By the beginning of the 21st century, dozens of varieties of the birth control pill were on the market, and were used not only for contraception but also to regulate the menstrual cycle and to control acne.

Blessings, ♥T


Anonymous said...

SO, I have a question for you. I understand where you are coming from as far as trusting God with your family size. And I even get the whole birth control aborting. But what do you think about people who keep having kids and then having the system take them away. I know as a foster parent we encourage these mothers to use birth control! But we have come across (dealing with one right now) who will not use birth control because of religious preference (even though she isn’t practicing anything Biblical)
So what do you think about those people and Birth control? It’s hard from me to imagine that God would want these women to keep having children and abusing them or neglecting them. When it can all be prevented; the main way, if they quit having sex but since that isn’t going to happen, to go on birth control. Or are you just talking about Christians who are married. I really am just curious what you think!!:0)

You can’t even imagine how many mothers I have had to talk to! My main line to them is ever child is put on this earth for a reason. God has a plan for every one that we can’t see or understand yet. But I still encourage them to quit having kids even if that means the pill!!

Again, I just want to hear what you have to say about it. I have nothing negative to say about your last three posts. It is something that I have actually been thinking about a lot lately. And you just happened to post at the same time!!:0)

Twinkle Toes said...

Wow! Lots of pressure on this one, lol! :D Hmmm...

Well, first off I'd say that the number one thing to do is definitely encourage them to stop having sex outside of marriage. If they're married you can hardly suggest that though :) I honestly don't know. I can't with a clear conscience suggest them using something I KNOW causes abortions. If they are truly neglecting or abusing their kids they definitely don't need to be having more kids to neglect and abuse though. There are always condoms, female condoms, cervical caps and diaphragms. has some recipes for natural spermicides that might be effective. I'm not too big of a fan of spermicides, but some people are???

For the "controlling your family size" issues I was addressing, Yes, I was mainly addressing married people. I figure most of the people who read my blog are Christians too, so I wouldn't say I wasn't talking to the unsaved, just don't really expect them to be reading if you know what I mean.

Every child is here in God's plan though. "Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;..." He knows each person before they are even formed in the womb. So at the same time, who are we to stop what's in His plan? I don't know why God allows things that He does. But my feeling is, it's not for me to understand, just trust and obey. It's very hard at times. Especially when you're dealing with something that seems so cruel. But ultimately we know that God is in control and His ways, while not understood, are higher than ours. "Isaiah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

I wish I had a better answer for you. I have really thought about this but can't find a good answer. Maybe one of my readers might answer better???

Wasatch Wife said...

So I want to comment on this, not so much about birth control, but the feminist movement. That movement in the 60s was really the start of the downfall of the American family. Crime rates, divorce rates, children out of wedlock rates, etc...all of these have been dramatically increased. Taking the mother out of the home has been a total detriment to society. The entire structure of the biblical family depends on a father's leadership and a mother's home keeping. The feminist movement is EVIL! It has taught women that children are a burden, not a blessing, that they can *have it all*....and if they DON'T have it all then there must be something wrong! It is just sad. :(
Now to comment on the birth control part of this....
Your friend posted a good question above, and it is one that I honestly don't think is going to be solved at this point in time. Birth control has already been introduced, and a gajillion women already use it as a means of control in their lives. I don't agree with it, however, we must face the fact that it is happening, and the only thing we can do is train our children that the fruit of the womb is always a blessing and not to be controlled! We can also help by teaching and talking about how if a woman CANNOT naturally have children, then maybe they should just adopt some of these unwanted babies instead of spending 100s of thousands of dollars on artificial means of having babies?? I, like you, would have no answer to your friend above b/c she really does pose a good question that I have thought about many times, however, I agree with you 100% that every child born was meant to be by the*sigh*....hate to say it, but this might be a no win on the birth control front. :/ Love to you my friend! So happy that you posted these!! Very informative! :D--S

Anonymous said...

Thanks Twylia! Thats pretty much the way I feel about it too. I just have to know God is in control and even if I don't understand there is a plan. I just wanted to hear what you had to say. Thanks so much! Sorry for putting the pressure on you!:0)

Twinkle Toes said...

Rachel~I was just kidding that it was a lot of pressure! LOL...It really wasn't a big deal, just feel like I don't have a good answer for you. :D

Faithful Mama~You are so right. Exactly my line of thought. Feminism is what has gotten us to this point. I absolutely love "Passionate Housewives Desperate for God". There were so many things that she said that I hadn't even realized the correlation between it and feminism. And YES, they need to adopt. I absolutely hate that people feel that it's better to spend $1000's on "trying" to conceive when there are so many children who need homes!

Country Mama said...

AMEN ladies!!! It is so refreshing to actually "meet" others who recognize how detrimental feminism has been to our society. I don't know any in person, I don't think. And I was going to throw in that letting God control your family size is prefaced by first following Him in other areas: saving sex for marriage, the husband leading the home, the wife submitting to the husband and being a keeper at home. If these things aren't in place, then the obedience to the Lord isn't there, and I have personally found that the more I obey Him, the more areas He shows me that I need to submit in. Letting God plan your family is not counsel that is directed to people who are sexually active outside of marriage, as that should not be happening in the first place! God bless!!!

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