Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chaos :)

The good kind : )  That's what our life has been lately! So much stuff to do I don't even know where to start. We had the realtor out today. He had O.K. news. We really need to get all of our stuff cleaned up. I wish we had a place to move 'cause it'd be easier to just pack the stuff we want and move, and then get rid of (ie...garage sale) all the stuff we don't want. Not sure what I'm going to do about that.

I am so proud of myself ;) I got dinner ready before 5 two nights in a row now. Chicken 'n Rice casserole last night and Potato Soup tonight. Yummy! Now to eat and get ready for church. We're having missions revival this weekend.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful children. I love watching them crawl, play, work, etc. James Michael is such a blessing for an oldest child. Does so much to help! Madison is slowly learning to help in the kitchen now too. James Michael, Jason, and Madison made pizza sticks Tues. for lunch. They were actually pretty good. : )  Zachary is crawling everywhere. He crawls differently than my other children did. He crawls on both his knees, everyone else crawled on one knee and one foot or did the Mowgli crawl (up on both feet). He's standing up on everything and creeping everywhere. He'll be walking soon for sure!

Kathleen's been quite the character lately with her talking. Calling for her Uncle Alan (owl-in) and when I said "are you calling Uncle Alan?" she said "yep...he's not here." ??? She's so silly. And at church last night I was asking her if she remembered the kids names. One of the girls is a visitor and I asked "is she Lydia?" Kathleen was kinda indignant "that's not Lydia!" I realized she was thinking of our Lydia! And that definitely wasn't her! LOL : )

James and the boys brought home a load of wood. Gonna have to use the fireplace for heat this winter. Propane is too expensive. Guess I'll have to learn how to take care of the fire : P   I was able to find the Saxon Math videos for pretty cheap so I was able to get them for both of the boys. Hopefully it'll work great!

Well, I'd better get ready for church now. I forgot what else I was gonna post anyways : )

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