Friday, November 5, 2010

Jumble of Thoughts

How's that for a title?! That's what this post is going to consist of though so, it's appropriate! We are still on the road. Day 3! Almost home, about an hour left to go, YAY! I'll be so glad to be out of the car, and in my own bed at last! Of course that also means unpacking, cleaning out the car, getting the house back in order, grocery shopping and getting back into our routines. : P

As for routines, school is the number 1 thing we need to get going. I am going to continue with what I'm already doing, although I'm going to alter it slightly. We will be changing up devotions. I found a cool website with daily kids devotions I may use for the boys. I will be doing a Proverbs a day, as well as a Bible story. I am going to have the girls keep writing books of the Bible and Madison's going to start copying out Proverbs 31. I am not sure what I want the boys to copy, but they all need to keep working on their penmanship. I am going to start using the Practical Mathematic books I have for them and I think we'll be getting the DIVE into Math dvd's for the boys. I am going to be using the Harvey's Grammar and McGruffey's readers for all the kids. As well as the Progressive Speller for all of them. I am not quite sure what to do for History and Science, but I'm thinking of using some of the free online books/curriculum. I'm not sure if I want to do it more unit study or individual studies. Hmm?

One thing is for sure, I definitely need to make sure to have my relationship with the Lord right! It is utterly impossible for me to be a normal nice person without His help! I am so cranky without my focus on Him. Can't seem to be patient with anyone. More like extremely uptight and flying off the handle over everything.

My kids are in some desperate need of major discipline! Which will definitely include punishment, but mainly going to be focusing on direction. They need to learn immediate obedience, kindness, thankfulness, happiness, to be helpful, to be a blessing to others, and so on and on and on and on... : )

I am going to really try to lose weight as well. Mainly by getting rid of cokes, candy, cookies, cakes and sweets in general. Also going to start some sort of exercise program. Whether by dvd's or by doing stuff with the kids. And by that I mean working out with them and playing games like tag, kickball, and such. I am so tired of being tired. It really stinks not having energy to be happy with your kids.

Going to work on cooking too. Not that I'm a bad cook : )   Just  need to do MORE cooking and more from SCRATCH! I do too much quick and easy box types meals and I'm sure that we'd be healthier if I didn't!  I just hate not knowing what to cook, feeling like we constantly eat the same thing, and feeling like I'm in the kitchen all day long when I cook from scratch!

The kids are all getting so big. We're going to be getting rid of Kathleen's binky's ASAP! She is biting holes in them, NOT GOOD! Zachary has 7 teeth now. Four of them came through at the same time. That wasn't fun. And now his molars appear to be coming through. He is walking along furniture, so it won't be long til he's off and running, literally! The girls (Makenzie and Michelle) are doing really well with their reading. Emily is recognizing the letter's she learned most of the time, and writing them pretty well. Madison and the Boys are getting very tall and are progressing in school.

We think we might possibly have a buyer for our house, which would be great! We desperately want to be able to move to CA so we can be close to our family and friends. Hopefully things will fall into place quickly and easily.

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