Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chiropractic Care

Still waiting for the rest of the lab work on Zachary. But today I took him to the chiropractor, He had a low fever and was very cranky still when we got there. Literally as soon as the adjustment was done, he looked at me and smiled! :) He immediately seemed happier! He has been pretty happy since then! Hopefully he'll be well again now! I don't know if something was out and was causing this or not, but it definitely helped! He has nursed like normal and was actually crawling around happy and laughing! He hasn't done anything since Wednesday except mostly lay (or throw himself around) in my arms and nurse. She said he was a mess and had to work on him a bit. But it was so worth it! We are so blessed to have a great chiropractor! She's saved and works with us financially! We love her to death!

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