Friday, November 12, 2010

I remember what I forgot : )

I remembered what I forgot yesterday! Not that it's super important, but to add to my rambling... 

Yesterday I organized 2 cabinets! Woohoo! I would have said 5 but it really was just 2 cabinets with 5 doors. Either way, I got it done and I'm happy!

I also "restored" my 2 stainless steel pans. Baking soda and vinegar soak, then scrub with a scouring pad and elbow grease! Back to their former beauty! I hate have pans with brown stains on the bottom. 

Well, today I'm going to try to get "something" done. I haven't decided for sure what though... Hmmm, change out clothes, organize storage room 1, 2, or 3, organize more kitchen cabinets, clean master bedroom, unpack my suitcase, etc... The list is ENDLESS! Where shall I start?!

Don't have a clue, but I hope you all have a blessed day! I'm sure gonna try to!

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