Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Week of Craziness...

So much has happened this week. Craziness!

The tornadoes have wreaked havoc across the midwest. The devastation is awful! A distant relative of mine was missing. He has been found but is in critical condition. Our dear friends have lost their home and vehicles. So many lives have been lost. Yesterday I was so worried for my friends (all of them ☺) that I spent most of it in tears. I couldn't even pray past "PLEASE LORD!!!" Today the tears are for their loss and the loss of so many others. The sadness is overwhelming.

Kathleen was sick starting on Sunday. She was sleeping a lot during the day (very unusual for her cause she doesn't even take naps anymore) and then her fever spiked over 104. I could get it to stay down by alternating tylenol and ibuprofen and doing cool baths, but if I let more than 3 hrs pass it would spike again. Then she got uncontrollable diarrhea. I waited till the next day to see if it would go away. Spent most of the night up with her. Had to give her a bath in the middle of the night, not fun for either of us. The next day was pretty much the same...Called the Dr to try to get her in and they were booked. Transfered me down to Urgent Care and they were booked too (they're by appt) so they told me to take her to the ER. Now I totally prefer to do things naturally first, but high fevers worry me. Along with the fact that she was screaming and climbing the back of the couch cause she was in pain. So I wanted her checked just to make sure there wasn't anything weird going on. (I live in a small town and there were only 2-3 other people in the entire ER besides me, for those worried about me taking up precious space in the ER) The Dr, who happened to be the one we like, said it was probably viral. Seems to be going around. Because we're on well water though, he gave antibiotics just in case. The next day she was fine, so there was no need for the antibiotics. No fevers and the diarrhea was clearing up. Today no diarrhea, just gotta clear up the rash from it. Several other kiddos are getting it now, without the fevers though.

Makenzie lost 2 teeth. So far on all her teeth she has gotten completely hysterical when they get pulled. The first one this week...She came to me with dental floss so I could pull it. I worked on it to get a slip knot ready, which I'm not really good at. I had just finally gotten it done and she says "I pulled it!!" I was like "What?! You pest, I just finally got the knot in! Now what am I supposed to do with this dental floss???" ;) LOL...She just laughed and I threw it away....Funny girl...a couple days later she told me another one was really loose, so I said ok tell me when you want me to get the floss ready...a few minutes later she triumphantly held it up for me to see. She pulled it by herself again! She was so happy...DH told her since she was so brave he was gonna pay her $1.50 for both teeth! (We do not do the tooth fairy thing, But most of the time for the first 8 teeth or so we give $.25-$.50 per tooth) It's just so funny to me cause she is my hysterical dramatic child. She used to FREAK out if she got drips of water on her, used to scare me to death over the most silly things.

Zachary has been starting to talk lately. So cute! Says "girls, James Michael, dad, mom, cup"...the other day he found a flashcard with the #8 on it. He was showing it to me, so I pointed to the 8 and said "It's the number 8" Then he pointed at it and said "it's uh 8" LOL...I have another child genius! (yes, I have several of those, but I'm kinda prejudice :D (seriously Michelle is though, she just turned 6 and is doing 2nd grade and I think she could do 3rd with no problem!)

We have been having garage sales this week and have actually done pretty well. At least we're getting rid of things. Stuff = Stress in my opinion. There is just a point (different for each person) where the amount of stuff starts to overwhelm me. Trying to find places to put it, keep it clean, keep it organized...I hate clutter and Love to get rid of stuff! Garage sales or good will :)

Had my 15 yr high school reunion. All by myself :) That's what happens when you're a homeschool graduate! LOL...It was so fun catching up with all my old friends ;)

Found THIS article to be very good...and THIS one to be interesting...and THIS one (snappy answers for stupid questions about your big family) to be hysterically funny! The last one I think everyone should read!!! SUPER FUNNY!

Blessings, ♥T


Unknown said...

I'm so glad your relative was found and I pray he gets well very soon. You are right, this total situation is so overwhelming. I find myself swelling up with tears very easily but mainly when I think about all the volunteers that are here helping. It's just an awesome sight.
I enjoyed reading about your family and so glad your daughter is ok but sorry the rest are getting it. Hope you all get well soon.

Anonymous said...

The comment about your homeschool reunion cracked me up.

I am so sorry the kiddos are sick, but rejoicing with you that your family member was foun. Praising God for that one as so many are without that wonderful news now.

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