Saturday, December 18, 2010


 I was looking at something the other day and I read the words on the page and then I looked at the instructions...It was a word scramble, I didn't even realize the words were scrambled! I keep transposing letters in words and not even noticing. And I keep saying the wrong words, or reading words that aren't there. Today I was reading to the kids and was supposed to say "following the vowel" and it came out "following the browned"!!! Seriously!?! We all died laughing! That word was nowhere on the page, nor was anything like it!

I am doing a classbook of Genesis with the older kids. While helping one of them, I was asking a question to prompt a memory. What did the serpent say to eve? was the question needing an answer. So I said "do you wanna..." and Makenzie pipes up "A banana!?!" LOL!!!

Later while Madison was doing math, she was doing some multiplication. The story problem was "if 3 monkey's each had 1 banana, how many banana's were there?" Her answer was "the answer is 3, cause if you gave monkey's banana's they'd eat them and there'd be 3 monkeys!" No, even as a female myself, I don't follow her logic! It was quite funny though! Don't know what all the banana's were about that day either! Maybe we need to eat more banana's or something? LOL!!!

So I don't know about anyone else but I LOVE TO READ! I have been reading books my entire life. I was know as a child to go hide in the bathroom to read. (It was preparation for motherhood, where else can you get privacy? ok, you're right, I don't even get privacy in there, but it's always a hope of mine!) I love to read books over and over again. They never get old. My husband doesn't understand that. He doesn't like to read much and if he's read it once, that's enough to him. I can't seem to get him to understand that the people in the books are my friends! I know I'm weird! But it's true, they are. It's like visiting them again every time I read a book. Making sure things are the same for them, ya know? The people in the books are real to me. (Not in a real life sense, but a real in my head sense :)  I also cannot stand to put a book down if someone is in a situation. I need to make sure things are all right first ya know! 

I am currently re-reading "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn. I love his books! If you ever want to read some really good books, I highly recommend his. They're not study books, just novels. Deadline, Dominion, Lord Foulgrins Letters, The Ishband Conspiracy, Safely Home, and Edge of Eternity are the ones I've read and LOVE!

We are so ready for Christmas vacation. I think we're all caught up on school, so we don't have to do anything next week. I'm planning on just doing some devotions, Christmas studies, and fun reading the next few weeks. We have a very full Christmas day coming up. It's also Emily's birthday. Then New Years day, then Zachary's birthday. Fun, Fun!

Speaking of Zachary, He's doing much better now. Recovering pretty well from his pneumonia. I've been giving him blackstrap molasses and I think it's really helped his anemia too! He seems to have so much more energy. Crawling around and Happy! Now we just have to work on Kathleen's food allergies...

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