Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Just felt like doing a post on Modesty. I find it so sad that so many Christians don't know the truth of what the Bible says. Sad that so many Christians dress so immodestly (In Church!) that I have to make my boys close their eyes, look away or go out of the room! Not to mention the many times I've had to tell my girls to not point at people and ask why they're dressed that way!

I Timothy 2:9 says, " . . . that women adorn themselves in modest apparel . . ." "Apparel" today is a very general term that means "any article of clothing." But did you know that in 1611 the word "apparel" meant "loose, long flowing garment?" Look it up in an old Oxford English Dictionary that has the archaic meanings of words.. Furthermore, the Greek word is katastole which is an EXACTING WORD, and it is the ONLY place in the Bible where it is used. There are lots of words for clothing, attire, etc., but this word comes from a verb form which means "to lower." It denoted a loose-fitting outer garment, which was LONG. Paul used this word specifically to tell women that they are to wear long DRESSES. Pants, miniskirts, tight dresses, etc. can not fit the definition of this exacting word. Consult your Vine’s Dictionary for verification of this word definition.

This is a very good Article on Modesty. Check it out! 

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regina said...

Hi, I just found your blog and read your article on modesty. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant with friends and as we were leaving we came "face to face" with a young woman at the register that was wearing a VERY low cut strapless dress. Nothing was left to the imagination. I was rather embarrassed but also angry that every man that stopped to pay his ticket would be faced with this temptation. I was so glad that my husband and sons were not there. I don't understand why women want to dress this way. Maybe they were never taught how God feels about their attire. Thank you for sharing.

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